Entry Level Marine Students reporting from Marine Combat Training will report to Bravo Company, 369th AG BN; Bachelor Enlisted Quarters, building 2301, Sumter Avenue.

Entry Level Marine Students arriving from Marine Combat Training will NOT be authorized to operate or ride in any privately owned vehicles while assigned to the Inter-service Postal Training Activity. The local taxi services are authorized for use at the student's expense.

Advanced Marine Students on temporary additional duty (TAD) will report to the IHG Army Hotel, building 7550, Benning Road to check into billeting. Since there is no barracks available for Marine students on TAD orders, a Statement of Non-Availability must be requested from the Postal School prior to arriving. All students on TAD orders are individually responsible to establish their own lodging and transportation arrangements. The phone number to Army lodging is 1 (803) 782-9802.

Marine student personnel must have at a minimum the following uniform items:

  1. Desert Combat Utility Uniforms
  2. Woodland Combat Utility Uniforms
  3. Service 'A', 'B', 'C' Uniforms
  4. Combat Boots
  5. Marine Corps Running Suit
  6. Marine Corps Sweat Top and Bottom
  7. Multiple Green Skivvy Shirts
  8. Marine Corps All Weather Coat
  9. Wooly Pooly (green)
  10. Green PT Shorts with Glow Belt
  11. Running Shoes


Uniform items must be serviceable for wear. The combat utility uniform may be used for physical training as required.

ENTRY LEVEL STUDENTS - Entry level Marine FS Postal Operations student personnel reporting in from Marine Combat Training will wear the Service Alpha Uniform.

TAD STUDENTS - Marine students that are TAD attending the F4 Postal Supervisors Course will report in the prescribed combat utility uniform and will not need their Service 'A' uniform.

GRADUATION - Graduation uniforms will be in the prescribed combat utility uniform.

UNIFORM OF THE DAY - The combat utility uniform will be the uniform of the day Monday thru Friday. The Service 'C' or 'B' uniform will be worn the first Friday of every month unless otherwise dictated by the Director of the Inter-service Postal School.

Messing - is available for all enlisted students, SNCOs and officers on TDY orders from outside the local area will receive per diem based on billeting location or as directed on orders. IPTA does not issue non-availability statements for messing.

Marine students that desire to receive mail while at the Inter-service Postal Training Activity may use the below addresses:

Mailing address (USPS):



FORT JACKSON, SC 29207-7050


Physical Address (FEDEX, UPS, OHL):



FORT JACKSON, SC 29207-7050

All Marine students are required to be in compliance with the Marine Corps physical fitness standards while attending the Inter-service Postal Training Activity. Upon arrival all entry level Marine students reporting from Marine Combat Training will be administered an inventory physical fitness test. Failure to meet the Marine Corps physical fitness standards as cited in references (a), (b) and (c) will be subject to administrative action.

(a)     MCCSSS Student SOP
(b)     MCO 6100.13 W/CH l
(c)     MCO 6110.3 W/ CH l

Postal Operation Course - Marine students attending the F5 Postal Operations Course will PT Monday, Wednesday and Friday unless otherwise directed by the MARDET Chief.

Postal Supervisors Course - Students attending the F4 Postal Supervisors Course will PT as directed by the MARDET Commander.

Director's Run - The "Director's Run" is scheduled for every first Wednesday of the month. Every Marine is required to be in attendance unless otherwise instructed by the MARDET Commander.


Marine Instructor 803-751-3536

Marine Admin Support 803-751-3215