Marine Detachment Goodfellow
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Marine Aviation Training Support Group-22
San Angelo, Texas


101 Days of Summer

Marines from the Detachment conducted the annual “101 Days of Summer” safety standdown on 12 April. The purpose of this event is to promote safe...


101 Day of Summer

Marines from the Detachment conducted the annual “101 Days of Summer” safety standdown on 12 April. The purpose of this event is to promote safe...


Marine Corps Birthday Message

On November 10, 2023, U.S. Marines around the globe will celebrate 248 years of success on the battlefield, and reaffirm their commitment to our...


248th Marine Corps Birthday

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Thomas A. Coyle, Marine Corps Detachment Goodfellow Commanding Officer, presents a gift to the guest of honor, Master Sgt....


Who's the Fittest?

On 20 October 2023, Marines from Marine Corps Detachment Goodfellow participated in the "Who's the Fittest" competition. 7 teams of 6 competed in...


Insight In To the Future Fight

On 2 Aug 2023, Marine Corps Detachment Goodfellow Air Force Base was pleased to host Master Gunnery Sergeant Chris Sonnabend, Senior Enlisted Advisor...


Marine Honored

Fire Academy Instructor of trhe Year - On March 18th, Staff Sergeant Troy Bloom was recognized as the National Military Firefighter Heritage...


Provide administrative, logistical, and comprehensive training support to staff and students in the occupational fields of Signals Intelligence and Expeditionary Firefighting and Rescue in order to deliver technically proficient, combat capable Marines to the operating forces and supporting establishment.


Enable combat capability by enhancing the transformation of entry-level Signals Intelligence and Expeditionary Firefighter and Rescue students to highly competent and confident fleet Marines.

SDO Contact Information

Landline: 325-654-4186
Cell: 325-234-3851


Sexual Assault Prevention & Response/Uniformed Victims Advocates: (325)450-8662 or visit here for more information.



Equal Opportunity/Prohibited Activities and Conduct Representative: (404)889-2209 (Please text and our EOR will respond as soon as possible) or visit here for more information.

Request Mast

For information on Requesting Mast, please visit here.

DOD Safe helpline

DoD Safe Helpline is anonymous, confidential and tailored to support members of the DoD community and loved ones affected by sexual assault. For more Information, visit here or call  (877)995-5247.

Marine Corps Detachment Headquarters

Physical Address: Building 3227

Shipping Address: 224 Apache Trail, Goodfellow AFB, Texas 76908

Google Maps: 31°25'44.7"N 100°24'24.2"W


Head south on Hangar Road
Turn right towards Reary Blvd
Continue on Reary Blvd
Turn right on Knickerbocker Road
Turn right on W Loop 306
Take the ramp on the left onto TX-306 Loop E
Take the Ben Ficklin Road
Turn left onto the Crossings Avenue
Turn left onto Christoval Road
Turn right onto S Chadbourne Street
Turn left on Kearney Blvd

Firefighting company

Officer In Charge: Chief Warrant Officer 3 Justin Barnes

Senior Enlisted Advisor: Master Gunnery Sergeant Terrail Dickerson

Intelligence company

Company Commander: Captain Shavaughn Birks

Officer In Charge: Chief Warrant Officer 3 Andrew Campbell

Senior Enlisted Advisor: Master Sergeant Griffin Harris

our unit history

Marine Corps Detachment Goodfellow currently resides on Goodfellow Air Force Base, the base was constructed in 1918 in support of advancing Air and Intelligence training post-World War 1. The base was named in honor of late General John J. Goodfellow Jr., a skilled and decorated aviator from World War 1. Goodfellow Air Force Base's runways were the nations forefront of advanced air training in cryptology and military intelligence until the runways were permanently shut down in 1975.

The first Marines began conducting intelligence training aboard Goodfellow Air Force Base in 1966 with tactical communications training and language skills improvement. However, the first detachment was very small as the main effort in intelligence training was based in Naval Auxiliary Air Station Corry Field in Pensacola, Florida. In 1992, the Air Training Command was replaced with the current title of Air Education and Training Command (AETC). A year later, Marines training for basic and advanced fire protection joined the detachment. In 2015, the remaining intelligence courses moved from Pensacola to Goodfellow Air Force Base, where they currently reside.

Noncommisioned officer of the quarter

CY2022 Quarter 3: Sergeant Aaron Tornetto (7051)


February 2023: Private First Class Zajra Grant (2631)

January 2023: Lance Corporal Zoran Allen (2651)

December 2022: N/A (No Board)

November 2022: Lance Corporal William Lester (2651)

October 2022: Lance Corporal Alexander Dubish (2651)

September 2022: Lance Corporal Tyler Coyne (2651)

August 2022: Lance Corporal Rudy Romero (2651)

July 2022: Private First Class Anissa Bradley (2651)

New marines

If you are arriving at Goodfellow, you are able to follow the directions or use the mapping information in the "Location" tab. When first arriving at the detachment, you are able to check in with the Staff Duty Officer. If you are checking in during business hours (0800-1630 hours), you will be directed to return to the detachment in the Service "A" Uniform. From there, you will be taken to S-1 (Administrative Section) to have your Orders validated, this is when you will be formally checked in to the Unit. If you are checking in after business hours, the Staff Duty Officer with validate your Orders, and ensure you are assigned a Barracks Room. At 0730 hours on the next business day (Monday-Friday), you will report back to the detachment in your Service "A" Uniform. From there, you will be taken to S-1 and get formally checked in. If you have any issues or questions, call the Staff Duty Officer's landline: 325-654-4168.