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Date Last Revised: 15 January 2009

190 01


190 01 001

Has the command conducted an equal opportunity survey within 90 days of the commander's assignment?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 2002.4

190 01 002

Does the command ensure that historical/cultural events of significant interest are given proper recognition?

190 01 003

Does the command ensure that Marines new to the unit are briefed on the command's EO policies and procedures, to include EO complaint processing, the IRS and how to contact the command's EOR, CEOM and EOA?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 4001.1

190 01 004

Does the command ensure that all Marines receive a minimum one hour annually of documented EO training and does it include the minimum requirements outlined in MCO P5354.1D, PAR 4001.2?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 4001.2

190 01 005

Does the command ensure that EORs and CEOMs receive indoctrination training and attend an EOR course as well as quarterly sustainment training conducted by an EOA?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 4002

190 01 006

Has the commander established effective EO objectives within their command, and have they implemented policies and procedures to ensure the periodic assessment and update of their objectives?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 3002

190 01 007

Has the command published and prominently posted their equal opportunity policy statement (e.g., club, PX, dining facility, billeting, etc.)?
Does it include sexual harassment, complaint procedures, and the possible consequences for engaging in discrimination?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 3002.2.C

190 01 008

Has the command designated, in writing, a Command Equal Opportunity Manager and or Equal Opportunity Representative(s), and are they performing their required duties?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PARS 3002.3, 3002.4, 3003 & 3004

190 01 009

Are CEOMs and EORs being assigned to the billet for a minimum of one year?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 3004.1

190 01 010

Is effective action taken to eliminate discrimination when identified?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 5003

190 01 011

Has the command implemented procedures for receiving discrimination and sexual harassment complaints, and established procedures to ensure they are thoroughly investigated and resolved within the timelines without reprisal or retaliation?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 5006

190 01 012

Does the command ensure that documentation of administrative requirements for formal complaints are completed?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PARS 5005-5007

190 01 013

Does the command adequately secure all files, reports, and materials generated from reporting and investigating discrimination and sexual harassment complaints?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 5000.2

190 01 014

Are legal sufficiency and equal opportunity reviews conducted on all discrimination and sexual harassment investigations?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 5006.5

190 01 015

Has the Commander processed individuals for separation for the first substantiated incident of sexual harassment involving any of the following circumstances:

  1. Threats or attempts to influence another's career or job for sexual favors;

  2. Rewards in exchange for sexual favors; or (c) Physical contact of a sexual nature, which, if charged as a violation of the UCMJ, could result in a punitive discharge.

Reference MCO P5354. 1D, PAR 2009.7, MCO 1000.9A PAR 4B

190 01 016

Has the commander forwarded a final written report within 6 days of completing the investigation and review, to include the results of the investigation, as well as any action taken, to the next superior in the chain of command that has GCMCA? Does the report include a statement from the complainant that indicates their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the resolution?
Reference MCO 5354.1D PAR 5006.7

190 01 017

Has the command submitted a DASH Report on all formal EO complaints, and is it within the timelines allotted?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 5007

190 01 018

Does the equal opportunity advisor serve in the billet to which assigned, and assist the commander in executing the commander's EO Program?
Reference MCO 5354.3B, PAR 4.A & MCO P5354.1D, PAR 3005

190 01 019

Does the command's EOA maintain a Training Information Resources (TIR) library?
Reference MCO P5354.1D, PAR 2006, MCO 5354.3B, PAR 4

190 01 020

Are Records of formal equal opportunity, discrimination, and sexual harassment complaints involving DON personnel retired to nearest FRC (Federal Records Center) upon final resolution of the case or incident?
Reference SECNAV M-5210.1 PART III, CHAP.5, PAR 5354.2