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Training Command

The CEOM shall be an officer or SNCO designated to manage the commander’s EO Program.

The CEOM will normally:

    a. Monitor EOR assignments and ensure all subordinate unit EORs are assigned, trained and certified in accordance with chapter 4 of this Manual.
    b. Ensure all subordinate commands maintain and submit all reports required by this Manual.
    c. Provide assistance to the EOA in organizing and scheduling commander, senior enlisted, and EOR training.
    d. Be assigned to the billet for a minimum of one year.
    e. Attend quarterly EO sustainment training provided by the local EOA.


1.   EORs are a vital part of the EO climate. These Marines are the central focus to ensuring the command’s EO objectives are successful.

Upon designation, EOR(s) will:
    a. Be assigned to the billet for a minimum of one year.
    b. Attend indoctrination training, EORC training, and quarterly EO sustainment training provided by a local EOA.

2.   EORs assist commanders in establishing complaint procedures, reviewing complaints, assessing the command climate, and identifying and conducting equal opportunity training. EORs may assist the commanding officer in the maintenance and submission of required reports, in addition to conducting a review of command policy and action utilizing the Inspector General checklist.

 3.  EORs do not function as advocates for complainants and should not under normal circumstances conduct inquiries or investigations, but rather provide a source of information to both the complainant and the commander. EORs are also points of contact for the local commands to request materials from the TIR Library managed by the nearest EOA.

 4.  EORs shall provide EO training to all unit personnel and coordinate the training of additional instructors, if necessary. They will ensure that all annual EO training identified in paragraph 4001 of this Manual is accomplished.