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Training Command
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EOA Roles and Responsibilities

EOAs are assigned to Commanders at major Marine Corps installations.  Their mission is to provide instruction, assistance and advice on all EO Matters and to assist the Commanders in executing the Commander’s Equal Opportunity Program. 

EOAs attend the EOA Resident Course (13 weeks) at DEOMI. The course provides information related to EO program management, multicultural history, diversity, discrimination (includes sexual harassment), and training management.

EOAs also can perform the following duties:
    (1) Provide guidance and advice on command investigations into allegations of discrimination, to include sexual harassment.
    (2) Conduct inspections of subordinate/tenant Commander’s EO programs, as directed.
    (3) Provide EO input into policies and programs for assigned and tenant commands, as requested.
    (4) Assist EORs with EO program information on complaint reporting and other reporting requirements, command statistics, and EO training requirements.
    (5) Monitor the effectiveness of command EO training.
    (6) Conduct the 40-hour Equal Opportunity Representative Course (EORC) on a semi-annual basis, for new EORs and CEOMs.
    (7) DOD Certified Mediator.