Formal Marksmanship Training Center

Mission Statement: To provide institutional marksmanship instruction to Entry-Level Training at The Basic School, provide Unit Commanders with an additional resource of graduates (Marines) who have obtained the required knowledge, skills and capacity to conduct  combat marksmanship and foreign weapons small arms training in techniques, procedures, and theory in order to provide Marine Corps units the ability to coach and train their Marines in Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship and Foreign Weapons.


Reporting In:

  • Non-local students will report by 2359 on the course report date for arrival orders endorsement and area orientation.  Highly recommend inbound flights arrive early afternoon to facilitate check-in and proper rest.  Please check-in with the WTBN OOD (WTBN HQ, Bldg #27211) in appropriate civilian attire.  Physical address to WTBN is 27211 Garand Road, Quantico, VA, 22134.  Student MCC K49, RUC 30903. Funding CG, TECOM (464)
  • All students muster at the Range 2 pavilion (SEE MAP) no later than 0730 on the course convene date with original orders, signed command screening checklist, copy of BTR, copy of flight itinerary if applicable, note taking gear, hydration container, and this welcome aboard package. Students will be directed to the classroom once accountability has been conducted.
  • Uniform throughout the course and graduation is MARPAT's. 
  • Transportation.  Before the last week of training, students will ensure all travel arrangements are made and verified for the return trip to their parent command.  This includes transportation from WTBN to the airport; WTBN does not provide transportation to/from airports.  Graduation will commence NLT 1400, plan all flights accordingly and allow one hour for travel to the Airport.

Check In Map

Chain of Command

The Chain of Command provides a means to account for all students and assist with any issue that may arise. Students will utilize the school house Chain of Command, students are not authorized to initiate liaison with any WTBN Staff section without concurrence from an instructor.

Combat Marksmanship Course M02M859

Combat Marksmanship Trainer M02M819

Foreign Weapons Instructor Course M02KYC9

Lodging and Messing

  • Lodging.  No cost lodging is not available or provided,. Arrange lodging first at Liversedge Hall (Quantico Temp Lodging); a non-availability number is required to settle DTS travel claim. If no availability, use DTS for on/off base hotel; Quantico on base commercial hotel is Crossroads Inn. Liversedge
  • Messing.  Government messing is available.  The WTBN Dining Facility (Bldg #27269, Malachowski Hall) is centrally located within the WTBN area.  Students must pay the standard meal rate and may use credit or debit for payment.  Only local students may use their unit issued meal card; those on non-funded TAD orders.  Weapons are not allowed in the dining facility.  Uniform of the day or proper civilian attire required.  No PT gear allowed!
  • Transportation. Students require daily unit provided transportation to/from lodging and the schoolhouse; i.e. rental car or POV.  Driving Directions


Training Command