Combat Marksmanship Trainer


To train Combat Marksmanship Coaches in Combat Marksmanship Trainer (CMT) techniques, procedures, and theory for service within the major supporting commands and supporting establishments.


This course provides the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for a Marine to succeed as a Combat Marksmanship Trainer (CMT).

  • Rank: Cpl, Sgt, SSgt, GySgt
  • Minimum of one year remaining on contract upon graduation.
  • MOS 0933 minimum of 6 months experience (either cumulative coaching time or straight 6


  • Full duty status.
  • Meets current height and weight standards.
  • Completed MarineNet DL Basic Instructor Skills Course (BISC). NOT REQUIRED DUE TO NOT BEING AVAILABLE ON MARINENET
  • Current expert qualification with the service rifle.
  • Current Combat Pistol Program (CPP) qualification with service pistol.
  • Completed Command Screening Checklist.

Additional Course Information

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