2131 Overview

The Towed Artillery Repairer course is designed to provide instruction to entry level Marines and Lateral Movers with the MOS 2131 on the 1000 level events listed in the Training and Readiness Manual, NAVMC 3500.33 . This course is trained as a Marine unique program of instruction.  

PURPOSE: To train M777 Artillery Technicians (2131), M777A2 LW Howitzer corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, inspection procedures, maintenance administrative forms, and records.

SCOPE: The course focuses on maintenance administrative forms and procedures, corrosion control procedures, principals of artillery weapons, theory of operation, inspection, care, cleaning, and PMCS of fire control devices, principals of hydraulic systems and components on the M777A2 LW Howitzers. Students learn to evaluate Cannon Tubes, properly inspect, remove, install, and repair Equilibrators, Elevating and Traversing mechanism, Carriages, Brake System components, Recoil Mechanism, Cannon Tube, and maintain Digital Fire Control Systems.

CDD NOTES: This POI accounts for an 8 hour training day encompassing academic, non-academic and administrative time.

This Program of Instruction can only support one iteration at a time due to constraint of instructor staff and training equipment quantity. The maximum class frequency this course can support is six per fiscal year.

This course will be reducing class frequency from seven to five in accordance with fiscal year 12 TIP of 49


The students are required to participate in the Physical Fitness Program while assigned to Bravo Company, Marine Detachment, Fort Lee Virginia in compliance with MCO 6100.13

The fitness program addresses upper & lower body conditioning, and cardio-vascular endurance necessary for physical fitness, also sustainment training of the martial arts program is incorporated. All students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled into the training schedule.

The instructional design for this course is Whole-Part-Whole.

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 37 Training Days

2nd Plt Cmdr  (804) 734-5343
 2nd Plt Sgt (804) 734 5340