The Ammunition Manager course is designed to provide instruction on the 2000 level T & R events listed in NAVMC 3500.89. The terminal learning objectives for each lesson in Section IV have been developed from these T & R events.

All agencies and commands receiving graduates of this course, and specifically those sited in Section VI, are requested to review the contents of this POI and evaluate performance of the graduates against field requirements and submit comments and recommendations to:

United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Detachment,
U.S. Army Ordnance School, Fort Lee, Virginia, 23801-1726
ATTN: Academics Officer

PURPOSE: To provide Staff-Non Commissioned Officers, MOS 2311, with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively as an Ammunition Manager within the Fleet Marine Force.

SCOPE: This course provides specialized instruction covering: procurement and disposition guidelines for establishing Class V(W) operations planning requirements, establishing procedures for and to identify waste military munitions and the disposition process, establishment of an tactical ammunition storage facility in accordance with an operations plan utilizing Naval Facilities Plan and approved magazine storage configurations, management, control and accounting of Class V(W) assets (manual and automated), training and management of an ammunition platoon within the ammunition operations section, and safety and security requirements for ammunition operations.

REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS: Students report to the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Detachment, Marine Corps Ammunition School, Fort Lee, VA. 23801. All students will report in by 2359 on the report date reflected in MCTIMS. During working and non-working hours report to Bldg 9302. Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) are authorized. Family members are not authorized. Government messing and billeting are available for Noncommissioned officers (NCO). Government messing and billeting are not available for staff noncommissioned officers (SNCO).

Telephone Contact numbers:
Officer Of the Day: (804) 731-7948
Ordnance School Academic Officer: (804) 734-5488
Ordnance School 1st Sergeant: (804) 734-5468

CDD NOTES: The complete Other Service Course Number (OSCN) for the Ammunition Manager (USMC) course (A14GPL6) is: 8B-F54/645-F4 (OS)

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 12 Training Days
Officer Of the Day   (804) 731-7948
Ordnance School Academic Officer  (804) 734-5488
Ordnance School 1st Sergeant  (804) 734-5468