Ground Ordnance Managers Overview

The Ground Ordnance Maintenance Manager course is designed to provide instruction to Sergeants through Gunnery Sergeant with the MOS of 2111, 2131, 2141, 2146, 2161, 2171 on the 2000 level events listed in the Training and Readiness Manual, NAVMC 3500.33 .

PURPOSE: The Ground Ordnance Chiefs course educates Marines within the 2100 Occupational Field on allaspects of maintenance management and physical security; to include the doctrine, concepts, policies and procedures regarding the repair and maintenance of ordnance equipment. The end state of this course is to prepare the Marine to perform the duties of Armory Chief, Maintenance Chief, Assistant Maintenance Chief, Ordnance Chief, Fire Control Chief, and Infantry Weapons Repair Chief within the Marine Divisions and Marine Logistics Groups.

SCOPE: This course presents instruction for the effective maintenance administration and management ofordnance vehicles, equipment, weapons and personnel. Emphasis is on preparing the student to become an Ground Ordnance Chief.

Subjects of study are: MCWP 4-11 series, TO&E, CMR, MAL, Directives, Publications, Modification Control Program, Calibration, TMDE, Infantry Weapons Gage Calibration Program, Recoverable Items Program, BDAR, AIS reports and diagnosis, PEB, and Layette control, Tool control, PMCS, CM, QC, desktops, supply and logistics planning and support, physical security of armories and ordnance vehicle maintenance repair facilities, maintenance production, maintenance related programs, maintenance training, FASMO/CGIP inspections & trends, and the EightFunctional Areas of Maintenance.

CDD NOTES Other Service Course Number is: 640-2181 (OS).

PHYSICAL TRAINING: The students are required to participate in the Physical Fitness Program while assigned to BravoCompany, Marine Detachment, Fort Lee Virginia in compliance with MCO 6100.13

The fitness program addresses upper & lower body conditioning, and cardio-vascular endurancenecessary for physical fitness, also sustainment training of the martial arts program is incorporated. Allstudents are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduledinto the training schedule.

The instructional design for this course is Whole-Part-Whole.

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 15 Training Days

     1st Plt Cmdr  (804) 765-9815
     1st Plt Sgt  (804) 765-2843/2844

    Weapons Training Battalion, Quantico Va