2161 Overview

The Basic Machinist (USMC) course is designed to provide instruction to entry level Marines and Lateral Movers with the MOS 2161 on the 1000 level events listed in the Training and Readiness Manual, NAVMC 3500.33_ . The initial phase of this course is trained alongside the Army, as a consolidated Inter-service Training Review Organization (ITRO) phase.

PURPOSE To train basic enlisted Marines to perform various duties in support of unit maintenance to include fabrication, repair or modification of equipment. Duties include selection of proper stock and set up of work on Computer Numerical Controlled mills and lathes, manual lathes and milling machines, grinders, drill presses, hardness testers, horizontal and vertical band saws along with basic hand and power tools. Machinists will work from examples, diagrams, shop drawings, written specifications, and/or oral instructions. Quality control and accuracy is maintained by the machinists use of precision measuring devices to include micrometers, dial calipers, and other measuring instruments. The machinists are taught preventive maintenance checks and services of all shop equipment to ensure that serviceability is maintained. Coordination with other repair shops, reporting of work completion, and the shop administrative functions are taught to the Marines using the Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System and automated systems with internet access.

SCOPE: To train entry level Marines on Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines, machinist operations and maintenance procedures to support unit and depot level maintenance of Marine Corps equipment. This school produces a skill set for the student that is an engineering/fabrication/craftsmen skill versus a traditional trade skill

CDD NOTES: This CDD represents an 8 hour training day encompassing academic, non-academic and administrative time. Annex X is for examinations Annex Z is for administrative events This POI will be lengthening 3 training days to accommodate GCSS-MC training. The new course length will be 27 training days.

PHYSICAL TRAINING (32 hours) The students are required to participate in the Physical Fitness Program while assigned to Bravo Company, Marine Detachment, Fort Lee Virginia in compliance with MCO 6100.13

The fitness program addresses upper & lower body conditioning, and cardio-vascular endurance necessary for physical fitness, also sustainment training of the martial arts program is incorporated. All students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled into the training schedule.

The instructional design for this course is Whole-Part-Whole.

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 82 Training Days

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