2311 Overview

The Ammunition Technician course is designed to provide instruction to entry level Marines and Lateral Movers with the MOS 2311 on the 1000 level events listed in the Training and Readiness Manual, NAVMC 3500.89_. The initial phase of this course is trained alongside the Army, as a consolidated Inter-service Training Review Organization (ITRO) phase.

PURPOSE: To provide enlisted personnel with concise technical knowledge which will enable them to apply and enforce all functional areas in the care, handling, preservation, security, and storage of ammunition, explosives, and their components.

SCOPE: Specialized instruction covering; Preparation of hazardous material (HM) for transportation and the application of Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations; planning and establishment of tactical ammunition supply points (ASP); management, control, and accounting of class V(W) assets; reporting procedures and formats; to provide Marine Corps students with the basic knowledge of the ammunition field using Marine Corps and Navy doctrine.

CDD NOTES: Of the total (217) hours (137) are represented in this CDD/POI. The remaining (80) hours will be accomplished through an Inter-Service Training Organization (ITRO) POI agreement. The most recent Record of Proceedings (ROP) acknowledged that the overall missions between services were relatively similar, but that the standards of training for most skill sets were distinctly different. Selected skill sets were agreed upon and the separate Army POI makes up the consolidated POI for the Ammunition Basic Course. Having the agreement within the ITRO community provides access to assets such as, ammunition, simulators, office space, classroom support, IT support, training areas/ranges, and Soldier instructor support. The requirement for an MTVR and M105 trailer is currently satisfied by utilizing an Army vehicle and trailer. Marine Ammo students are assembled at the Army Motor Pool to conduct the portion of instruction requiring the use of a vehicle and trailer. A similar arrangement when our school moves to Ft. Lee would satisfy the training requirement. Include MCOs 5100.29A and MCO 3500.27_ as points of safety reference guidelines.  


The students are required to participate in the Physical Fitness Program while assigned to Bravo Company, Marine Detachment, Fort Lee Virginia in compliance with MCO 6100.13

The fitness program addresses upper & lower body conditioning, and cardio-vascular endurance necessary for physical fitness, also sustainment training of the martial arts program is incorporated. All students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled students are required to successfully pass one PFT or CFT while in student status. Physical training is scheduled into the training schedule.

The instructional design for this course is Whole-Part-Whole.

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 28 Training Days

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 4th Plt Sgt  (804) 734-5342