The below information is provided to provide incoming students with an overview of important Marine Detachment policies, regulations and guidelines.                                        


The following uniform regulations apply:

Winter Months (sleeves down): The uniform of the day is the woodland utility uniform. On the last Friday of each month, all Marines will wear the Service Bravo uniform. The sweater is authorized at the individual Marine's discretion.

Summer Months (sleeves up): The uniform of the day is the desert utility uniform. On the last Friday of each month, all Marines will wear the Service Charlie uniform.

Cold Weather Gear: The Marine Detachment has limited quantities of Gore-Tex wet/cold weather gear for issue.

Seasonal Uniform Change: Is based on strict adherence to ALMAR 007/08.


The Marine Detachment runs a challenging physical training (PT) program designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and overall strength and conditioning. Physical training includes calisthenics, Marine Corps Martial Arts training and sustainment, interval training, grappling, and organized sports, as well as formation, sprint, endurance and ability group runs.

Uniform: All PT sessions are run in standard green-on-green PT gear or the combat utility uniform. Students, regardless of time of year, should have sweat tops and bottoms available, as well as watch caps and gloves. A yellow reflective belt will be worn while PTing in hours of darkness.


All Marines reporting to DINFOS will be weighed in upon their arrival. Fleet returnees or lateral movers found to be overweight will be immediately returned to their parent commands. Accession Marines will be placed on remedial physical training and assigned to the Body Composition Program.

The Marine Detachment conducts regular weigh-ins, and all students must be within height/weight or body fat standards prior to detaching.


For all students, DINFOS is a dependents-restricted tour and no off-base housing will be authorized.


Accession Marines are not allowed to operate or possess on base privately-owned vehicles (POVs) while assigned in a student status to DINFOS. Fleet returnees may bring their POV to DINFOS provided they receive authorization from their parent command and the vehicle is properly licensed and tagged.

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