Equal Opportunity is for the discrimination against a person due to their race, color, gender, religion, age or national origin. If you believe you are a victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact your unit Equal Opportunity Representative.

Informal Complaint Procedures

Informal Resolution System (IRS):

There are three ways to make a complaint:

Direct approach: In person (with the individual at fault)

In writing: To the individual that you have a complaint stating the facts, feelings about the behavior of that offended you and an expected resolution to the problem.

Informal third party: Request assistance from another person. (NCOIC, SNCOIC, or OIC). Can also be a close friend.

Training Information Resources (TIR)

- Training can be requested within the sections of the Battalion in the most affected areas of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate behavior.
- The learning tools can include books, lesson plans, posters, etc. can be provided by the battalion equal opportunity advisor.

Formal Complaint Procedures

Re-submit the complaint to any superior on the accused.

Article 138 complaint:
- When the Marine sends the equal opportunity complaint to the commanding officer.

Make communications with the Inspector General
- Can submit complaints with the command by providing facts to the inspector and their representatives. Can be effective if the chain of command is not used.

Request Mast: - Preferred method within the chain of command.

Individual Communications with Congress
- Letters can be written to the Marines congress at anytime.


The EO has the following timelines:

72 Hours (3) days:

1) The investigating officer is appointed for the complaint to start the investigation. The investigator has to be in the rank of which they are in general court martial convening authority.

2) The complaint has to be notified to start the investigation.

3) If an investigation last past 14 days they must submit a written request for an extension to the investigation. The report must be included on the progress of the investigation. If the extension is granted, the reasons must be indicated.

4) Upon completion of the investigation, it must be submitted to the staff judge advocate (SJA) to conduct legal sufficiency of the investigation.


Article 138
Article 1150
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MCOP5354.1D 5006.6
MCOP5354.1D 50074b (4)