Welcome to the Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School.  Those students arriving at the CMO school should take the time to familiarize themselves with the map  and welcome aboard brief below. 

Quantico Mainside Map

Travel to the course must be completed the Sunday Prior to the start date, and return travel must be the Saturday following a course, training will not be abbreviated to meet your travel plans.

Students attending MCCMOS are not permitted to miss any scheduled training. Failure to adhere to this will result in academic disenrollment.

DO NOT schedule a return flight any time prior to 1800 on Friday.

Bring a copy of your original orders or DTS orders and your certificate of non-availability if applicable.

Students must have completed a Civil Affairs MOS qualifying course and be PME complete in grade prior to attending the CMO Planner course. Rank requirements: GySgt - LtCol.  Waivereable for Staff Sergeants who are PME complete for grade.  Request for waivers may be submitted to the Director, MCCMOS.

0531 CA Enlisted MOS Course: NCOs assigned to a Civil Affairs Team

0530 CA Officer MOS Course: Captains assigned to a Civil Affairs Team

CMO Planner Course: SNCO and Field Grade Officers assigned to a CA or CMO Planner Billet

Billeting Information

Officers and SNCOs

Officers and SNCOs are required to secure lodging at Liversedge Hall. If none is available it is the Marine's responsibility to obtain a certificate of non-availability (CNA). During week 4 you are required to check out of your lodging on Monday since you will be in a "field" status. Billeting in the field is in quonset huts with racks and mattresses. You may secure your personal belongings at the MCCMOS facility or a wall locker at Camp Upshur.

Please provide a copy of your CNA to MCCMOS upon checking in if applicable.

Enlisted billeting updates for every course:

MCCMOS will attempt to provide billeting at no cost in barracks aboard MCB Quantico. Please contact us at two weeks prior to your course start date to obtain information about your billeting.  If no barracks are available you will be required to secure lodging at Liversedge Hall. 


Aboard Quantico Service Bravo or Charlie Uniforms are required for wear every Friday.  Students from other services should bring their service equivalent uniforms (ex. Army Service Uniform Class B) .

 Gear lists for the Civil Affairs MOS Courses can be found in their respective Welcome Aboard Packets.

There is no gear required for the CMO Planner Course but a laptop and thumb drive is recommended.

Officer and Enlisted Civil Affairs MOS courses and CMO Planners course are International Military Education and Training (IMET) certified. The following are course numbers.

Officer MOS         TMASL P 171060
Enlisted MOS     TMASL P 171059
CMO Planners   TMASL P 171058

International students who have arrived for the course will be picked up by a duty driver in a service uniform at the information desk outside of customs.  If you have arrived and need assistance please call MCCMOS at (703) 784-1114.  Inbound international Students should arrive with a field utility uniform and a service uniform equivalent to the Marine Corps Service Bravo Uniform,  Field Gear will be provided.

When are the CA MOS courses for FY16?

Course 1-16: 13 Oct-6 Nov (CY 15)

Course 2-16: 7 Mar-1 Apr (CY 16)

Course 3-16: 25 Apr-20 May (CY 16)

Course 4-16: 11 July - 5 Aug (CY 16)

When are the CMO Planners Courses?

Course 1-16: 7-18 Dec (CY15)

Course 2-16: 13-24 Jun (CY16)

Course 3-16: 8-19 Aug (CY16)

Who funds the Civil Affairs MOS Course?

Active duty students are funded through TECOM. Reserve students are funded by MarForRes.  MCCMOS does not fund students.

Do I need to bring Bravos or Charlies?

Yes, Service Bravo/Charlie Uniforms will be worn during the course.

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