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1001 Weapons Handling Procedures With A Service Rifle  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1002 Introduction to the Service Rifle  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1003 Corrective Action For The Service Rifle  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1004 Demonstrate Weapons Carries  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1005 Zero a Rifle Combat Optics to a Service Rifle  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1006 BZO The Back Up Iron Sights  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1007 Zero a MIPIM to a Service Rifle  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1008 Execute Fundamental Rifle Marksmanship  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1009 Execute Basic Combat Marksmanship Table 2  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1010 Execute Intermediate Combat Rifle Marksmanship Table 3A Short Day  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1011 Execute Intermediate Combat Rifle Marksmanship Table 3B Short Night  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1012 Execute Intermediate Combat Rifle Marksmanship Table 3C Unknown Distance Day  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1013 Execute Intermediate Combat Rifle Marksmanship Table 3D Known Distance Night  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1014-1015 Execute Advanced Combat Rifle Short  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1016-1017 Execute Advanced Combat Rifle Unkown Day  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1018LP Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Program  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1019LP Introduction to Range Operations  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1020LP Table 2 Scoring Procedures  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1021LP Introduction to the Combat Mindset  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1022LP Applied Wound Ballistics  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1023LP The Marksmanship Data Book  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
1024LP The Effects of Weather  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
2001 Perform Weapons Handling with the Service Pistol  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
2002 Perform Operator Maintenance for the Service Pistol  5/1/2015UnknownDownload
2003 Engage Targets with the Service Pistol  5/1/2015UnknownDownload