Tips for Family Success


Candidates are issued mailing material once they arrive aboard OCS. Candidates have the opportunity to send mail every day and this is how you can expect to receive their mailing address in order to send them mail. OCS will accept mail from US Postal Service only, so do not try and UPS your Candidate a package as it will be returned to sender.  It is not advisable to send perishables to your candidate while they are in training. Be sure to visit our FaceBook page and review the "events" section. All information pertaining to graduation will be posted there. If your candidate is dropped from training at OCS, they will have access to their cell phones to coordinate with family. No news is good news. Candidates have access to their cell phones during weekend liberty after the third week. Families and friends of candidates are not allowed on OCS to pick up/drop off candidates during liberty periods unless specifically instructed to. There is a small parking lot just outside the entrance to OCS that can be utilized for meeting your candidate during liberty. Feel free to message the OCS Facebook page with any questions, it is actively run by admins who are here to assist with any questions you may have.










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Watch the Graduation Ceremony for OCC-235 on November 21, 2020 at 9AM on our official YouTube Channel: