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Officer Candidates School


Officer Candidates School

"Ductus Exemplo"

Quantico, Virginia


Dear OCS Families and Friends,


Unfortunately, effective immediately, the OCC-233 Social Dinner, all Family Day events, Graduation and Commissioning Ceremonies, and Graduation Day Brunch, are canceled to public attendance, in order to prevent any potential spread of COVID-19 to Marines or Marine Corps families. This prohibition on "public attendance" includes all military affiliated personnel, unless they are OCS staff members.


The good news is, we will LIVE stream the Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony on our YouTube channel <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8bcxZZw-4wMZCBUvvkdskg> and our Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/pg/usmcocs/> on 14 March from 10:00-11:30 AM Eastern Time.


This decision to cancel is in accordance with the Secretary of Defense direction that, effective immediately, public attendance at graduation ceremonies and related activities is prohibited, with no exceptions.


Additional notes:

-Candidates will NOT be released for liberty on Friday, 13 March (Family Day)

-On Saturday, 14 March, upon conclusion of the ceremonies, all candidates will be transported to The Basic School (TBS) to check-in. Once they are complete with check-in, TBS will release the lieutenants at their discretion.

-Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) is issuing refunds for the Social Dinner and Graduation Brunch. Please allow 72 hours for those refunds to process.


Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any further questions or concerns.



All event information for Candidate Family Days, Completion Ceremonies,

Graduation Parades, and Commissioning ceremonies can be found

on our Facebook page located at https://www.facebook.com/pg/USMCOCS/events/?ref=page_internal

You do not need to have a Facebook account to view the page

and its information.




Class Report Date  Graduation Date
Officer Candidate Class (OCC) - 232 7 SEP 2019 16 NOV 2019
OCC - 233 4 JAN 2020 14 MAR 2020
Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) - Jr, 1st Increment 23 MAY 2020 3 JUL 2020
Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) - Sr 1st Increment 23 MAY 2020 4 JUL 2020
OCC-234, PLC Combined 30 MAY 2020 8 AUG 2020
Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) - Jr, 2nd Increment 5 JUL 2020 14 AUG 2020
Platoon Leaders Class (PLC) - Sr, NROTC, 2nd Increment 5 JUL 2020 15 AUG 2020