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Graduation Parade

The Graduation Parade takes place at Brown Field (Officer Candidates School) on the final day of training. The ceremony recognizes candidates who have met the challenge and successfully completed the demanding curriculum. During the parade, the top performing candidates and OCS staff receive awards, the Commanding Officer and Reviewing Officer will each address the guests, and the candidates will conduct a pass-in-review.

The parade takes place on the Parade Deck of OCS and lasts approximately one hour. General audience seating is in the bleachers, VIP seating is in the reviewing stand, and physically-disabled seating is available within the tents or at the front of the bleachers.  Visitors are encouraged to arrive early as seating is first come first serve. The event is free and open to the public; however, visitors must present valid ID, vehicle registration and proof of insurance to access the base. Attendees are encouraged to check the weather as the graduation date approaches and dress appropriately, as the ceremony is outside. Unless there is severe weather, the parade will go as scheduled.

The uniform for graduation is Woodland MARPAT Utilities with sleeves up or Business Casual for Civilians.

Events times, parking details, maps, and any announcements can be found on our Facebook site at: OCSUSMC 


Parking will be available aboard Brown Field, Officer Candidates School, the day of graduation.  Plenty of parking will be available. 

Commissioning Ceremony

For those candidates who successfully complete the course and choose to accept their commission as Second Lieutenants in the Unites States Marine Corps, the Commissioning Ceremony takes place on the Parade Deck following the Graduation Parade at OCS.

The commissioning ceremony is a formal ceremony where the candidates will transition from their status as a candidate to that of a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. The ceremony lasts approximately 30 minutes. Following the ceremony, the new Lieutenants will conduct their own ceremony where individuals of their choosing will pin gold bars, the insignia of a Second Lieutenant, on their uniform. At that time they will also receive their first salute, traditionally from an enlisted member of the armed forces of their choosing. Often candidates request their first salute from Staff Noncommissioned Officers from their platoon staff as they play a significant part of the development of the individual from a candidate to a Marine officer.

The uniform for the commissioning ceremony is the Combat Utility Uniform.  Combat Utility Uniform includes MARPAT blouse and trousers, green undershirt, tan suede boots, and utility cover.


Parking will be available aboard Brown Field, Officer Candidates School, the day of graduation.  

Driving Directions

Officer Candidates School is located on Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico. MCB Quantico is located in Northern Virginia, near Prince William County. It is accessible from Interstate 95 or Highway 1. MCB Quantico is south of Washington D.C. and north of Fredericksburg, Virginia. There are exits on both the north and southbound lanes of I-95 that will provide access to a Quantico gate.

Traveling Southbound on I-95: Take Exit 150A, "Triangle/Quantico," and turn right from the exit to proceed to Marine Corps Base, Quantico Main Gate. Follow Fuller Rd and veer right onto Barnett Ave. Follow Barnett Ave to the traffic signal and turn left onto Range Rd. Range Rd merges left over a bridge onto Bauer Rd, passing the Marine Corps Air Field, HMX-1. Turn right over the railroad tracks onto Flemming Rd to enter Brown Field.

Traveling Northbound on I-95: Take Exit 148A, "Marine Corps Base Quantico." Merge right from the exit. Proceed to MCB Quantico Gate Zulu-4. Follow Russell Rd to Dunlap Circle, and stay right passing the Crossroads Inn. Keep right to a stop sign, and turn Right onto Range Rd. Range Rd merges left over a bridge onto Bauer Rd, passing the Marine Corps Air Field, HMX-1. Turn right over the railroad tracks onto Flemming  Rd to enter Brown Field.

Airports: The nearest major airport to Officer Candidates School is the Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). The next closest airport is the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). Transportation from these airports is not provided; both airports have multiple rental car agencies.

This map is in Google Maps and you can change the view of the base map in the bottom left corner to show you a road map or satellite view to get a better idea of what the surroundings will look like.

Transition to The Basic School (TBS)

 Following the Commissioning Ceremony, all Second Lieutenants will be free of their obligations to Officer Candidates School and are now responsible for checking into TBS.  Following the commissioning ceremony, the new Lieutenants will have to report in to TBS right away for administrative check in and briefs.


Any E-9, O-6, GS-15, or civilian/government equivalent and above personnel with a candidate graduating/commissioning at OCS that would like VIP seating should pass their information through their candidate.

 Please direct any questions or concerns to our Facebook page or call 703-432-6000. We hope to see you there!





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