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Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness Program

Greetings Marines and families,
On behalf of the Commanding Officer, I would like to extend a warm  welcome to Marine Corps Intelligence Schools Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Page!  The Marine Corps defines “family” as any unit the Marine is born  into, sworn into, or married into.  So whether you are an active  duty member, parent, spouse, child, significant other, or an extended family member, please know that we now consider you part of the Marine Corps Family!  Take pleasure in knowing that you are part of a long and illustrious history of honor, courage and commitment.
My vision as your Family Readiness Officer is to promote the Personal, Unit and Family Readiness Program that will encourage resilient Marines and families to withstand career and lifecycle events. My goal will be to provide you   information and resources, advertise unit morale events, offer family readiness training opportunities, and deliver timely communication from the Commanding Officer.  Having said that, please know that I am here to serve.  Should you have any questions, concerns, or need any assistance with information or referral services, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Combined together, these tools will assist you in navigating the unique challenges that face all military families. Working together, we will build strong, independent families and have a great time achieving it.


DOD Sexual Assault Prevention Office

Military OneSource DOD Resource & Referral Service    

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)            

American Red Cross

National Suicide Prevention LIFE LINE 

Call 24/7: 1 (800) 273-8255


USMC Helpline Line

Call 24/7: 1 (877) 995-5247


DSTRESS HOTLINE-Win Your Personal Battles

Call 24/7: 1 (877) 476–7734


Marines and Families;

Model for the Nation. 

Indomitable Spirit. 

National Treasure.

 Semper Fidelis...

Iwo Jima 


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