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Marine Corps Detachment Dam Neck


Marine Corps Detachment Dam Neck

Marine Corps Intelligence Schools

Virginia Beach, VA
The Marine Detachment NMITC provides both basic and advanced intelligence skill training and education for officers and Marines in preparation for duties as intelligence professionals at every echelon of command throughout the Marine Corps, other Services, and the National Intelligence Community.

Marine Detachment NMITC courses deliver intelligence professionals for command and staff assignments to every echelon of command who are technically and tactically proficient, confident in their abilities as leaders and decision-makers, and responsive to the wartime needs of combat commanders. The Marine Detachment NMITC offers over a dozen formal programs of instruction offering over 50 course sessions per year with a student throughput of over 1000 Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, and civilians annually. The Marine Detachment NMITC is charged with the responsibility for both entry level and advanced level training of all Marine Corps intelligence officers as well as both basic and advanced Intelligence Analysis Courses, Sensor Employment, and Intelligence Systems training. With just over 100 Marines, Sailors, and civilians, Marine Detachment NMITC is also charged with providing headquarters and service support to higher echelon Marine Corps Intelligence Schools.

Once trained in their intelligence specialty, Marine Detachment NMITC graduates join the Operating Forces and Theatre Combatant Commanders where these intelligence professionals will serve throughout the globe on deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and other trouble spots around the world.
Marine Corps Detachment Dam Neck
2088 Regulus Avenue Bldg 420
Virginia Beach, VA 23461

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