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Raymond Leach/ Bryant Malone:

Training Support Request

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The Intelligence Training Enhancement Program (ITEP) seeks to bring together the relevant training practices and Intelligence Community (IC) training and education standards to facilitate superior performance.  ITEP achieves this by harnessing expertise with personnel development, centered on intelligence competencies; providing a tailored and flexible training resource program designed to meet the training requirements of the operating forces.

The Regional Intelligence Training Centers (RITCs) provide a centralized location for MCIS (ITEP) representatives to identify, refine, facilitate and/or deliver validated intelligence training solutions for Operating Forces at both the individual and collective level.  The RITC staff can also provide a variety of facilities, as well as teach, coach, and mentoring support.  There are three RITC campuses located in CONUS supporting I MEF and II MEF at Camp Pendleton, CA, Twenty Nine Palms, CA, Camp Lejeune, NC, respectively, and a fourth RITC services III MEF in Okinawa, JP.