Voting Assistance

Voting Assistance Officer Mission Statement:
The mission of the Marine Corps Engineer School Voting Assistance Officer is to ensure that every Marine, their eligible family members, and other personnel serving with a Marine Corps Engineer School, and who are eligible to vote under the laws of their state, are provided voting information and assistance to ensure that they have the opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

The right to vote is one of the most important civil liberties. Moreover, voting is an obligation that accompanies and protects the freedoms we enjoy. Since the birth of our Nation, Americans have understood their obligation as citizens to vote. By meeting their obligation to express themselves with the ballot, Americans have preserved our democratic system.

All Marines, Civilian Marines, and their family members are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.

Location:  BB-28, Adjutant's Office
Hours:  0730-1600 Monday - Friday
Phone:  (910) 440-7222

If the MCES Voting Assistance Officer is not available to answer your questions please do not hesitate to send your question to this email address:

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