Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School
Air Control Training Squadron
Alpha Company

Mission Statement: To provide entry level, skill progression, and skill enhancement training in the maintenance of ground electronics equipment in order to ensure commanders at all levels within the Marine Corps have the ability to exercise command and control throughout the operational environment.  Additionally, to participate in technical and logistical evaluations for communication and electronics maintenance systems in support of fielding and training development.

Video by Courtesy
Air Control Training Squadron-Company A
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center
May 1, 2022 | 3:14
Air Control Training Squadron (ACTS) trains 1400 entry and career level, enlisted and officer Marines annually in Ground Electronics Maintenance, Aviation Communications Electronics Maintenance, Aviation Command and Control, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The second of a three part video series highlighting each ACTS company’s unique mission, this video focuses on Company A’s Ground Electronics Maintenance School mission.
 Alpha Company                                                 Training Sections
Commanding Officer  (760) 830-5921   EFTS Training Officer  (760) 830-3085
Executive Officer  (760) 830-4362   EFTS Training SNCOIC  (760) 830-6407
First Sergeant  (760) 830-5437   TETS Training Officer  (760) 830-6831
Operations Chief  (760) 830-5909   TETS Training SNCOIC  (760) 830-4200
Company Gunny Sergeant  (760) 830-8842   RMTS Training Officer  (760) 830-0271
Curriculum Scheduling  (760) 830-6242   RMTS Training SNCOIC  (760) 830-0268
Training Administrator  (760) 830-6842      


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