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Major James R. Neagle Executive officer

Major Neagle graduated from Villanova University in 2003 with a B.S. in Marketing, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. After finishing TBS in 2004, Major Neagle completed flight training with VT-6, HT-8, and HMLAT-303.


Major Neagle reported to HMLA-269 in 2006 and chopped to the 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) with HMM-261 in January 2007. During this time, Maj Neagle worked in Operations and conducted helicopter escort missions into Iraq, sustainment training in Kuwait, anti-pirate operations off the Coast of Somalia, and Humanitarian Aid in Bangladesh.


After returning from the MEU in January 2008, Major Neagle deployed to Al Asad Air Base Iraq in July 2008 as the Flight Equipment and Airframes OIC. He returned from Iraq to attend WTI Class 2-09, then deployed again to Iraq in July 2009 as the AH-1W PTO and WTI. During this deployment, he was stationed at both Al Taqaddum and Al Asad before conducting a RIP with a US Army Apache unit. Returning from Iraq, he assumed the role of the HMLA-269 Assistant Operations Officer and conducted two separate squadron movements to California in support of Mojave Viper.


In June 2011, Major Neagle arrived in Darwin, Australia as the Cobra/Tiger Personnel Exchange Officer. After completing his transition on the EC-665 Tiger helicopter and getting recognition for his WTI/FAC (A) I qualifications, Major Neagle began tactical instruction of the Tiger pilots. From 2012 to 2013, Major Neagle served as the Squadron Operations Officer for Australia’s sole Tiger squadron. As OPSO, he started the Australian FAC (A) Program and re-wrote the Tiger “Unit Training and Assessment Program” (T&R Manual). As one of the lead tactical instructors, he saw the Tiger program from a mostly day single-ship capability to a LLL multi-ship OAS&FAC (A) capable squadron. For his efforts with the Tiger program, Major Neagle was awarded a Gold Commendation by the Chief of the Australian Army. Upon leaving Australia, he reported to Marine Corps University’s Command and Staff College in July 2014 where he earned a Masters of Military Science.


In July 2015 Major Neagle reported to MAG-29 as the FDP&E/TPFDD Plans Officer. While at MAG, Major Neagle completed AH-1W refresher training and was the MAG planner for exercise II MEF Eager Response and the 2016 Assault Support OAG in New Bern NC. Additionally Major Neagle attended the resident DSCA course and was assigned as the MAG-29 DSCA planner and H-1 DSCA DET OIC for the 2015-2016 Hurricane seasons. Major Neagle checked in with HMLA-269 during ITX 3-16 and was assigned the responsibility of the HMLA DET OIC for the 24 MEU.


In July 2016, Major Neagle was assigned to VMM-365(REIN), 24 MEU, as the HMLA DET OIC. Major Neagle served as the ACE AAMO during workups on the LHD and then deployed on the LPD-19 as the 24 MEU ACE DET OIC with H-1s, RQ-21, and MACG. The ACE DET supported combat operations in the AFRICOM AOR and hosted HX-21 onboard ship to expand UH-1Y shipboard wind envelops. He returned from deployment in October 2017 and rejoined HMLA-269 as the Standardization and Tactics Officer. In January 2018, Major Neagle was assigned as the MAG-29 H-1 Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) Readiness Officer and the action officer for MAG-29’s transition from AH-1W to AH-1Z aircraft.


In July 2018, Major Neagle reported to The Basic School and was assigned to the newly established Combat Instructor Battalion as the Executive Officer.  As part of this assignment, Major Neagle is also responsible for TBS Standards of Conduct package that is taught to newly commissioned lieutenants. On April 5, 2019, Combat Instructor Battalion will be officially activated.