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Training Command

Quantico, Virgina

Items To Bring With You

FMTB-W, Camp Pendleton : FMST Course

***Bring a complete Navy issued sea bag***


Proper civilian attire must be worn when you are authorized liberty.  Proper civilian attire is defined as clothing that does not bring discredit upon yourself or the military. Clothing that is frayed or in disrepair is not authorized. Also, if your pants or shorts have belt loops, you are expected to wear a belt. PT gear will not be worn as civilian attire. Remember, there are plenty of Marines and Sailors out there ready to correct inappropriate attire. You represent the Navy, in and out of uniform, so take pride in your personal bearing and appearance.


Additionally, it is recommended that you bring the following items:

• Good pair of running shoes with white socks (no basketball shoes)

• Flashlight with red lens
• Pen and highlighter
• 4 sets of boot bands
• 2 combination locks
• 1 mesh laundry bag
• Sufficient amount of toiletry items to provide for your personal comfort during the training period
• 1 set of dog tags (red tags for allergies)
• Necessary individual medical equipment and medication (EPI pen, inhalers, etc.,)
• Sunscreen
• Wrist watch (smart watches are not authorized throughout the training day)
• Shower shoes
• 2 towels
Develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman is prepared for assignment with the operational forces.
To be the best training command within the United States Marine Corps; producing the best trained, best prepared, and battle ready Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.  He will be prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.