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Marine Corps Shooting Team Mission Statement

Serving as the Corps’ primary means of competitive shooting both nationally and internationally, the mission of the Marine Corps Shooting Team is to incorporate intermediate level marksmanship skills and techniques derived from annual training and develop those skills and techniques into competitive marksmanship training standards, to enhance our use of individual small arms. This is facilitated by executing and enforcing the Competition in Arms Program (CIAP), which supplements existing marksmanship training while providing a forum for a higher level of proficiency and exchange of marksmanship training and ideas. Additionally, the CIAP serves as a means to provide a competitive environment that stresses the continued application of the fundamentals, and furthers the advancement and promotion of marksmanship among service members and the civilian community.


Teams OIC                                           (703) 784-5450
Teams SNCOIC                                   (703) 784-5539

MC Rifle Team OIC                             (703) 784-5131
MC Rifle Team SNCOIC                     (703) 784-5237

MC Pistol Team OIC                           (703) 784-5275
MC Pistol Team SNCOIC                   (703) 784-5539

Combat Shooting Team OIC            (703) 784-5548
Combat Shooting Team SNCOIC    (703) 432-8496​​
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At the turn of the twentieth century, approximately 5,500 enlisted Marines were on expeditionary duty throughout the Pacific, and were not able to compete in state rifle championships in the United States. By 1901, the international scene had stabilized and allowed the Corps to create a team from units along the East Coast and compete in the State Rifle Association Matches at Sea Girt, New Jersey.

Lead by Major Charles D. Lauchheimer, the newly appointed Inspector of Target Practice, the team of mostly experienced shooters learned how quickly behind the curve they were as they observed other state teams who had already been competing for years. Lessons learned and outstanding contributions from shooters and coaches over the years such as Lieutenants Thomas Holcomb and Douglas C. McDougal, First Sergeant V. H. Czegka, and Sergeant Oliver M. Scriver lead the Corps to their first National victory in 1911.

For over a century, this devoted competitive spirit and purpose for maintaining a highly trained team to both instruct and compete worldwide has continued to pay dividends. The Corps benefits from the Competition-In-Arms Program (CIAP) by learning additional coaching techniques, is provided expanded recruiting opportunities, and ultimately improves Marines’ qualification scores across the ​board resulting in a better trained force in readiness.​ 

Most shooting team members are scouted from competitive shooting events, typically Division Matches or Marine Corps Championships. By speaking with our team at these events, prospective applicants will get a better understanding of the schedule and what is required. Special Duty Assignment packages are started through the applicant’s home Career Planner. All packages are screened by the Team Captain, USMC Shooting Teams. Applicants should prepare a brief shooting bio and contact the Shooting Team SNCOIC for more information. Normally released in the fall, look for the annual CIAP MARADMIN  containing information on the upcoming year’s Division and Marine Corps Matches.
The Rifle and Pistol Teams begin instructing in January at the first of the four Division Matches in Okinawa, Japan. After continuing to MCB Hawaii for the Pacific Division Matches, and to Camp Pendleton, California for the Western Division Matches, the team will instruct and compete at the Eastern Division Matches in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Royal Marines from the United Kingdom will also compete in the latter event. The top competitors from the four Divisions will then compete at Stone Bay for the Marine Corps Championships in April.

Select individuals who demonstrate a positive attitude, are coachable, and have shot well will augment the Rifle Team or the Pistol team for the remainder of the summer season. They will receive advanced marksmanship techniques, build upon what they have learned, instruct at various marksmanship clinics, and compete in state, regional, Interservice, and the National Championship matches. At the conclusion of the summer season, augments will return to their respective commands and will have the responsibility of teaching their unit’s Marines what they have learned.

The Combat Shooting Team will compete throughout the year, typically March through October. There are numerous “multi-gun” events on the amateur and professional circuits to include the Nationals. They will also compete internationally in both the Australian Army Skill-at-Arms Meet (ASAAM) and the Royal Marine Skill-at-Arms Meet (RMSAAM).​

“Teams” are made up of 3 entities:
–Rifle Team - permanent members & summer augments.
–Pistol Team - permanent members & summer augments.
–Combat Shooting Team - permanent members.
–Any MOS is eligible.


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