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Training Command Safety


Training Command Safety

Training & Education Command

Quantico, VA

Camp Pendleton – Program Manager (760) 725-7326/0254

Camp Pendleton will be providing the subject course for FY 17 at the following locations and dates:


10-21 April 2017

12-23 June 2017

14-25 August 2017

Contact via phone the Camp Pendleton GSM Program Manager for email address, then email the following information for registration :

1. Name/Rank

2. Last 4 of SSN

3. Billet Assigned (must be in writing)

4. Location (Command)

5. Contact Info (Address, Phone, Email)

6. Rotation Date (must have at least 1 year left in billet from time of class completion)

Camp Pendleton Program Manager will then interface with the students via email for final coordination.